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Bovada Casino celebrates the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games have lost a lot of ground recently, as the popularity of football has surpassed these otherwise great games. In anticipation of the August madness in Rio de Janeiro, Bovada Casino is already celebrating the Olympic spirit.

It has a brand-new game that will take place on a virtual voyage to South America. It goes by the name of Samba Sunsets and it has the uncanny effect on getting players fully immersed into the atmosphere.

Big payouts secured by Bovada Casino players

Bovada Casino has emerged as a hotspot for American players and US resident still represent the vast majority of their users. This doesn’t mean that the casino is tilted towards Americans and all these promotions are available to Europeans as well.

New games are introduced and equal attention is paid to all genres, with table games being well represented in their collection of games. This is refreshing, since so many online casinos would rather focus exclusively on slots, who have more fans worldwide.

Bovada Casino makes another player filthy rich

Bovada Casino has increased the number of slot machines that carry progressive jackpots, but the most popular ones are the five reel variety.

Players don’t have the chance of winning a life-changing amount, but the five digit payouts are more than enough to improve the quality of their lives. These regular payouts to keep players motivated and entertained, while acting as an incentive for others to tag along.

Bovada Casino makes Sevens and Stripes player rich

Bovada Casino fires back with another new winner after other online casinos brag in January and February about their lucky members.

It was only a matter of time until a player who has an account with this casino would win a six digit amount and apparently it was someone from Iowa. The player goes by the name of the key and the online casino is not going to share more information about the winner, because it values privacy.