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Winner Casino’s Vegas games refund your loses

Winner Casino is about keeping players happy, rather than convincing them to open a real money account and then leave them to fend for themselves. The goal is to build a community of people that enjoy video slots, table games and video pokers and they’ve got the perfect solution to achieve that.

Most of the bonuses can be collected right away by anyone who has a real money account, while others are available for limited periods of time.

The latest promotion that runs live here will refund the losses suffered by those who play the games that can be found in the Vegas section. It’s refreshing to know that most of the video slots can be played here, including classic three reel slots and the modern versions with five reels. The same goes for progressive jackpots, so you’ve got another argument in favor of chasing elusive payouts. These require players to bet larger amounts and they normally do, so it is refreshing to know that losses are refunded.

You won’t get all the money back, but at least 25% of what you lose will be credited back to your online account. Those who play blackjack know that taking insurance is never a good idea, but in this case, it would be wise to do so and get back a quarter of what you lose. This promotion is only available for the first week and then the ratio is decreased to 10%. The amount is less impressive, but at least you get to enjoy this reimbursement in the long run for all slot machines.

While the 25% bonus is only available to those who make the deposit and play for one week, players will get reimbursed for as long as they stay active. You can expect to have the money transferred to your account on Sunday and the bonuses calculated based on the losses suffered over the previous week.

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