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Sunday, 12 July 2015 23:00

Mr Green launches Magic Portals tournament

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Those who participate in slot machine tournaments enjoy the best of both worlds, because this competition can provide them with the adrenaline rush of slot machines in an entirely different setting. Not all the games qualify for this type of event, but Magic Portals is one of them and the game has been recently introduced by Mr Green Casino. 

In order to properly mark the occasion, the online casino will run a string of tournaments that take place over the weekend and each of them will have a guaranteed prize pool of €2000. This amount is fixed and is going to be awarded to the most successful players each week, with no differences between subsequent weekends. The game already has plenty of fans online and it is probably going to trigger the same effect on the ones who get fully immersed in these tournaments.

One doesn’t need to go through with any special procedures to participate in these competitions and everyone has exactly the same chance to win. The trick is that you need to finish at the top of the list to receive a slice of the prize pool, so it makes sense to stay active and play each weekend. The tournament has already started at the end of June and will conclude 10 days from now, so time is of the essence.

The winner will walk away with €1000, followed by the runner-up who will collect €500 and the amount will be further divided to reward the one who finishes in the third-place. Even if you finish outside the podium you will collect €150 or a consolation prize of €100 if you make it all the way to the fifth position. There are wild symbols and scattered ones that will incrementally consolidate the bankroll by adding free spins and other bonuses as the players progress with their gaming routine.

A total of 1 million bonus spins are going to be introduced during the tournament and no one knows for sure when this will happen. The bottom line is that Mr Green Casino has a truly irresistible proposition to make to slot machine enthusiast who didn’t get the chance to experience the thrills of Magic Portals. Those who don’t have an account yet will be able to apply for the welcome bonus and use the newfound wealth to participate in this competition.