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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 23:00

Leo Vegas introduces new slot game

It was only suitable for the latest slot machine developed by Playtech to be promptly introduced by Leo Vegas, given its name. Cat in Vegas is a fancy game that has a cat as the leading protagonist and the setting is well familiar to those who love Sin City and the opportunities it presents. This glamorous game can be played on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, so if you cherish convenience and want to stay mobile, there will be nothing preventing you from doing exactly that.

There is a cool introductory clip that is supposed to get players fully immersed in the atmosphere this game, with Felix the cat being the one that steps into the spotlight. Once players get to spin the reels of this slot for the first time, they will realize that it carries a progressive jackpot which can go as high up as 10,000 coins. The reason for why the amount is not quoted in currency is that the profits depend on how much money players are willing to invest.

If you don’t mind placing sizable amounts on fairly risky events, then you will be rewarded by the game with a nice paycheck. On the other hand, beginners and low rollers who only have a handful of dollars to venture can still hope to strike it rich by unlocking the winning combination. Even if you bet the minimum amount, the jackpot will change your entire year for the better, if not your entire life.

There are many other big payouts that can be unlocked and it is always Felix the cat that is responsible for triggering these combinations. There is a Wheel of Luck bonus as well as a Vegas Slot bonus, with both of them being the result of an exciting minigame. Last but definitely not least, players should be looking forward for the King Show logo to appear on the reels, because a cool 20 free spins are going to be awarded as a result.

In a nutshell, this latest game that hits Leo Vegas has the potential of keeping players at the edge of their seats for the remaining of July. They are winning combinations triggered by Felix the cat and plenty of symbols that will result in free spins and other bonuses, so don’t forget to log into your account and start playing Cat in Vegas.


Tuesday, 14 July 2015 23:00

Bovada Casino makes players rich

Summer months are upon us and already players are leaving the comfort of their home to spend some quality time at the seaside or in the mountains. Nevertheless, there are still online casino enthusiasts that prefer to sit in front of their computer and play their favorite games in online casinos such as Bovada. The online casino group has recently announced that many of its players have won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing various games, some of them recently introduced.

The online casino goes to great lengths to protect the identity of its customers and that’s why only the nicknames were revealed. One player from Colorado won in excess of $100,000 which makes him the biggest winner this month and he played three different games. Desert Kingdom, Greedy Goblins and Dino Island were the games that made him rich and he won the total amount in a relatively quick succession, which makes his achievement even more impressive.

Meanwhile, another player that goes by the name of Leonardo won $136,000 playing a single slot machine while Chris had to settle for a bit over $50,000. Caesar’s Empire was the game that proved to be a winner for him and the success of the aforementioned players should act as an incentive for some of their counterparts to persevere. There are scatter symbols, progressive jackpots, wild symbols and everything in between one can compete for and claim when playing these games.

Bovada tries to stay ahead of the curve and has introduced games that are inspired by the popular Jurassic Park series, which made a resurgence in cinema this summer. Players are invited to explore some of the familiar sights and spin the reels to lineup various dinosaurs that trigger winning combinations. Greedy Goblins is also encouraging players to step into a mythical realm, with 3-D graphics that are guaranteed to dazzle the eye and mesmerize players.

There are gold coins to discover and all of them will boost payouts, with multipliers further amplifying the winnings and they can be increased as much as tenfold. Free spins have always been much appreciated by slot machines enthusiasts and a maximum of 25 of them can be unlocked if you discover scatter symbols in Greedy Goblins. The online casino is one of the few allowing players from United States to wager here, without bending the law and abiding to existing legislation.


Monday, 13 July 2015 23:00

Hot as Hades promo hits 32Red Casino

Fans of Greek mythology are going to draw many parallels when they hear the name of this promotion that is aggressively advertised by 32Red Casino. The online gambling operator has good reasons to be enthusiastic about this new offer and the same goes for its members because Hot as Hades promo promises to be a hit. Hades, the ruler of the underworld is ready to challenge the gods and players can benefit from his defiance.

Players are supposed to wager a minimum of €40 to collect tickets that will make them eligible for the upcoming raffle that has a guaranteed prize pool of €5000. It goes without saying that the return on investment will be generous for those who manage to win, but the online casino offers more than one chance. There will be no fewer than five draws and all of them are going to take place on August 3, with players expecting to collect cash prizes, memorabilia as well as high tech devices.

Unlike other games that can be played on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, this promotion only applies to desktop users. The good news is that it spans across the entire network and it has already started on July 9, so those interested shouldn’t lose precious time. Depending on the currency they choose to wager on, they will collect more or less points, but 32Red Casino made sure that the conversion rate is perfectly fair and everyone will have the same chance to win.

The lucky winners are going to be contacted within seven days after the draw takes place, so they have time to make the proper arrangements. The prizes will be delivered to their doorstep or credited to their account, with players being supposed to accept some disclosure. The first name and the initial letter of the surname will be published on the website, to advertise the promotion as well as to keep the audience informed about the outcome of this campaign.

The online casino has no intention to terminate the promotion prior to its conclusion but it reserves the right to make amendments without notice. Players who try to breach the terms and conditions are going to have their accounts locked and will also be excluded from this campaign, so it is better to stick to the rules and hope for the best possible outcome.


Those who participate in slot machine tournaments enjoy the best of both worlds, because this competition can provide them with the adrenaline rush of slot machines in an entirely different setting. Not all the games qualify for this type of event, but Magic Portals is one of them and the game has been recently introduced by Mr Green Casino. 

In order to properly mark the occasion, the online casino will run a string of tournaments that take place over the weekend and each of them will have a guaranteed prize pool of €2000. This amount is fixed and is going to be awarded to the most successful players each week, with no differences between subsequent weekends. The game already has plenty of fans online and it is probably going to trigger the same effect on the ones who get fully immersed in these tournaments.

One doesn’t need to go through with any special procedures to participate in these competitions and everyone has exactly the same chance to win. The trick is that you need to finish at the top of the list to receive a slice of the prize pool, so it makes sense to stay active and play each weekend. The tournament has already started at the end of June and will conclude 10 days from now, so time is of the essence.

The winner will walk away with €1000, followed by the runner-up who will collect €500 and the amount will be further divided to reward the one who finishes in the third-place. Even if you finish outside the podium you will collect €150 or a consolation prize of €100 if you make it all the way to the fifth position. There are wild symbols and scattered ones that will incrementally consolidate the bankroll by adding free spins and other bonuses as the players progress with their gaming routine.

A total of 1 million bonus spins are going to be introduced during the tournament and no one knows for sure when this will happen. The bottom line is that Mr Green Casino has a truly irresistible proposition to make to slot machine enthusiast who didn’t get the chance to experience the thrills of Magic Portals. Those who don’t have an account yet will be able to apply for the welcome bonus and use the newfound wealth to participate in this competition.


Thursday, 25 June 2015 23:00

Big Fish Casino celebrates Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one of the most popular holidays not only in North America but all over the world and the only thing that differs is the date when it is celebrated. Big Fish Casino is going to provide its customers with another reason to make a big fuss about this day, even if they don’t necessarily relate to this festivity. There are going to be promotions, bonuses and plenty of freebies that players can grab by simply playing their favorite games, so they don’t make much of an effort.

The online casino is going to raise the antes and in addition to offering a cash prize to the most successful players this week, it will also present the winner with an all paid expenses trip to Las Vegas. The prospect of spending some quality time in the capital of online gambling without paying a dime is obviously alluring. As a result, the number of participants has already exceeded expectations and by the end of the week, we’ll have an accurate picture of the prize pool.

The rules of engagement are crystal clear and the Father’s Day online tournament has already started, with his conclusion being announced for the end of the week. Anyone who deposits at least $25 and wagers the amount on casino games will be entering the race automatically. There is no need to opt in for this promotion and for each dollar wager, members will accumulate one tournament point, so highrollers and those with sizable bankrolls have an advantage over the pack.

It is definitely worth the effort to play games this week, because traveling to Las Vegas is a dream come true for any gambler. The winners will have the plane tickets paid, the same goes for accommodation and they will also receive $1500 to spend as they like in Nevada. We have all the premises of a memorable experience and even if you don’t win the first prize, you won’t go home empty-handed.

There are plenty of other prizes to collect and even additional tournaments to participate in, with all of them revolving around the Father’s Day festivity. Big Fish Casino plans on making the final days of June truly special and anyone who has an account here or plan on opening one can take advantage of this plethora of promotions and generous bonuses awarded indiscriminately to dedicated players.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015 23:00

BGO summer bonuses have arrived

July is upon us and with just a couple of days left in June some cool promotions are about to expire at BGO. The good news is that the bookmaker will unveil new ones as we enter a new month, but meanwhile players should take advantage of existing campaigns. The ones that are still active can be explored on the website and players will be happy to hear that summer bonuses have arrived and their deposit will be matched by at least 200%.

This is the bonus that applies to those who prefer table games and the maximum amount that one can hope to collect won’t exceed $500 which is a lot of money. It is even easier to cash in on bonuses if you are willing to settle for slot machines, because deposits made for this purpose will be matched by 400%. One thing that players need to realize is that in order to keep the bonus, they need to stick to the games they chose when opting in.

The wagering requirements are 30 times for slot machines and 35 times for table games, so there is not much of a difference and players don’t have to make any compromises. The promotion is going to expire at the end of the month, so a couple of days from now there will be no way of having deposits match by 400%. It is not possible to cash out the bonuses per se, but the corresponding winnings are not subject to further wagering requirements which is pretty cool.

Things get even better if you dig a bit deeper because all participants are eligible for a 100% cashback on consecutive deposits made during this campaign. The maximum amount that they can get back assuming they lose the first bets goes all the way up to $500. This money is subject to wagering requirements and all slot machines, table games and video poker versions qualify for the purpose. All of them are developed by Realtime Gaming which is one of the most respected software developers in the world.

There are also a couple of new tournaments that players can attend even as they clear their bonuses, so action never stops in June at BGO. Only the first 100 players are going to be admitted in this competition, so make sure you are among the first who embark on this epic quest.


When players sit down at blackjack or baccarat tables, spin the wheel of roulette or play slot machines, they always hope to strike it rich. Even when they tone down their ambition and focus on smaller profits, very few contemplate the possibility of losing. It is still there nonetheless and that’s why William Hill casino is going to offer 100% cashback to its members up to a maximum of €20 or currency equivalent.

This promotion is slightly different to the other campaigns running live here, because the casino doesn’t focus on maximizing profits, but tries to offset losses. Those who are unlucky enough as to lose their bankroll will surely realize the importance of this promotion and appreciate the effort put in by William Hill. The best part is that everyone can qualify and the minimum bet of €5 is enough to make you eligible for a 100% reimbursement.

This amount needs to be played through over 48 hours and those who happen to lose over the span are going to be fully reimbursed. Highrollers are probably not going to feel too excited about this campaign for the simple reason that €20 doesn’t mean a great deal to them. On the other hand, beginners and amateurs will find plenty of arguments in favor of playing casino games this week, while the campaign is still active and reimbursements available.

There are no restrictions whatsoever in regard to the qualifying games, so players can take advantage of this opportunity to compete for progressive jackpots. The jumbo Vegas millions jackpot has recently crossed the psychological threshold of €1 million and those who are lucky enough as to keep the winning combination will win a life-changing amount. At least while they wager the first €20, they don’t have to worry about what happens if they lose, since they win have their money returned to their accounts.

Furthermore, players decide by themselves whether they will use desktop computers or mobile devices for the purpose of wagering. All of them qualify and it makes no difference if you prefer to spend some quality time on your smart phone, as long as you meet the minimum wagering requirement. On the other hand, players are not allowed to wager on bingo, games and live casino titles if they hope to have their losses refunded as all these games have been excluded.


All important European competitions have concluded and in anticipation of a new season, football fans have very few alternatives. Luckily, 2015 Copa America is underway and some of the best teams from South America have survived the group stage and are now gearing up for the quarterfinals. This presents players with a brand-new opportunity of rounding up their bankroll while also enjoying the thrills of casino games, thanks to the new promotion ran by Betfair Casino.

The online casino makes a tempting proposition and will award 20 free spins and a cool €10 in the form of a sports book wager. The only requirement is for players to predict the winner of the aforementioned competition and wager at least €50 by the end of the week. This is a very reasonable request and the fact that players can also win money by making the right prediction should further motivate them to jump on the bandwagon and pick a winner.

The terms and conditions are not restrictive, but players will also need to accept the general ones that apply to all the promotions running live at this bookmaker. It is strictly prohibited to open multiple accounts in an attempt of collecting several bonuses and those who are found at fault will be excluded from this campaign. It is also mandatory to wager €50 or more to qualify but only after the prediction has been made so pay attention to this order.

A customer support representative will notify players about receiving the submission and once this is done, participants won’t be able to make any modifications. It is also not allowed to make another prediction and that’s why it is very important to contemplate all possibilities. Players will be able to see the name of the chosen team in the personal account section and this is also where the free spins will appear as well as the bonus on sports betting.

The very nature of free spins makes them useless unless they are wagered, which explains the fact that there are no wagering requirements regarding them. On the other hand it is expected of players to use the sports bet within seven days after being awarded, otherwise it will expire. Players are not allowed to wager a fraction of the free bet and it is supposed to be wagered in its entirety.



You don’t need a reason to celebrate Sunday’s, but if you were looking for one than Coral Casino is going to provide the ultimate argument. These guys have a reputation of making weekends special and this time they channel all their attention and energy on the final day of the week. All those who participate in their promotions will be eligible for a slice of a guaranteed prize pool that goes as high as €10,000 or currency equivalent for players who reside in the United Kingdom.

The name of the campaign is Sunday Stake Race and just as the name suggests, this is a competition among those who are willing to spin the reels of slot machines or play table games. The most active 500 players are going to win a slice of the prize pool, so loyalty and perseverance is lavishly rewarded with this online gambling operator. Everyone who is deemed eligible for a prize will receive the amount he or she is entitled to the very next Monday at 2 PM.

As a result, they will be able to meet the wagering requirements associated to the bonuses immediately and cash out the bonuses much faster. It goes without saying that in order to have a chance at a slice of the prize pool, one would have to wager real money, therefore virtual currency accounts don’t qualify. It is of critical importance to finish at the top of the food chain, more precisely to be among the 500 active players who wager the most money.

The promotion starts at midnight and continues throughout the entire day, with the campaign finishing on Sunday at 23:59 and it starts all over again the very next week. Players who win are supposed to accept the bonus and they will be notified over email or telephone about their good fortune. The wagering requirements are not that difficult to meet and if you play through the bonus 20 times, you will be able to transfer the funds out or even operator withdrawal.

Players will have an easy time at monitoring the performance of their campaign as well as the rate at which the bonus is cleared. All the relevant information is clearly displayed in the personal account section, so those who have any doubts should check out this area and they will be brought up to speed.


Until recently, midweeks have been rather boring for casino players, as most of them were simply waiting for the weekends and the corresponding promotions. BetVictor decided to change all that and the online casino brilliantly succeeded by running special promotions on each day of the week. It all starts on Monday and they pick up speed with each passing day and to some extent Thursdays can be regarded as the highlight of the midweek.

On this day, anyone who plays the Jack Hammer 2 slot on either desktop computers or mobile devices is going to be eligible for €10. The requirement is to wager a minimum amount of €25 and it makes no difference if you win or lose because the bonuses will be credited anyway. The original theme and storyline of the slot machine gets players fully immersed in their gaming activity, while the gorgeous animations and fascinating graphics will keep them hooked for a long time.

Even though this is the game chosen for this week and it is very likely that the new one will be selected come Monday, the rules are the same that apply on this promotion each week. Thriller Thursday is a campaign that allows players to wager in Euros and currency equivalent while the bonuses are awarded in the same currency chosen by players. Immediately after players are deemed eligible for these freebies, they will be transferred to their online accounts to be used on slot machines and other genres.

The money can’t be cashed out immediately and instead is subject to 30 times wagering requirements, prior to further transactions being operated. Players have a total of 30 days to clear the bonus, which should be plenty of time for those who are taking this type of gambling seriously. The real cash balance will be updated and the money is going to be used first before the bonus balance, something that needs to be cleared out to avoid any misunderstandings.

All those who have an account here or players who reside in a country where online gambling is permitted can be a part of this promotion. There are no restrictions regarding the use of mobile devices and BetVictor even has a dedicated application for those who use smart phones and tablets. The online casino reserves the right to terminate or make amendments to this promotion, but the risk of this actually happening is slim to none.


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