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Florijn Casino announces a new week of big prizes

Florijn Casino has emerged as on the hottest casinos of 2016, in terms of promotions and special offers. Summer was the highlight of the year and the casino brilliantly succeed at keeping players indoors. Now that were while there is nothing more than a distant memory, it should be easier for them to provide players with the impetus to gamble. The autumn promotions to exactly that and just as the name suggests they have started in September and will conclude on December 1.

Florijn Casino marks the release of Motorhead slot

The Motorhead slot was announced so many months ago that pretty much anyone who is even remotely interested in slot machines know about it. It appeals to those who love rock music, as well as people who find great pleasure in playing a game that has a special theme. Its fine graphics and amazing soundtracks will keep you at the edge of your seats even if you don’t know a great deal about the rock band itself.

Florijn Casino has a new treat for you

Florijn Casino is back on track with a string of bonuses that will appeal to even the most experienced players. If you thought that you saw it all and nothing can surprise you, then give these guys a chance and prepare to be amazed. Instead of keeping you hope to promotions that never seem to end, the casino is offering immediate gratification. Play the games you like best from Monday to Sunday and every single day the casino will provide you with bonuses and freebies.

Wrap up August with Florijn Casino

Florijn Casino made a big case of its August promotions and for good reason. These offers have run uninterrupted from the first week and will only come to an end on August 31 at midnight. Not so long ago, this looked like a distant deadline, but this is obviously no longer the case. Even so, this week has a couple of surprises left and the remaining days can result in some juicy payouts for lucky players.

Free spins from Florijn Casino to Secrets of Atlantis players

Secrets of Atlantis is one of the most anticipated NetEnt title and it finally hit the stores. All online casinos powered by the Scandinavian software developer are going to add this game in a not so distant future. A couple of them have already introduced into their players and Florijn Casino is on them. As always, when a new game is release, the online casino is beaming with enthusiasm and showers its players with bonuses. This is the case today when free spins are offered in bunches.

Great week ahead at Florijn Casino

Florijn Casino doesn’t play games, despite offering so many of them to its dedicated fan base. It takes each promotion seriously and has plenty to offer, so you won’t get bored here anytime soon. In fact, the final week of August is going to be the best of the month and the fun starts today. The first promotion starts on Sunday when members are invited to join the challenge and compete for three prizes.

More free spins coming your way at Florijn Casino

Florijn Casino has been the start of summer so far, at least among online gambling operators. The casino has been offering so many juicy payouts, that it is quite difficult to keep track of all the freebies. The good news is that stuff will still be awarded for free to those who sign up for an account. Summer is about to conclude, but this promotion will run uninterrupted until the end of August, so you’ve got two weeks left.

New week and month at Florijn Casino

Florijn Casino is back with its most popular promotion, one that spans across an entire week. The casino found out that there is plenty of interest among players who gamble from Monday to Friday and decided to expand this campaign August.

There were a couple of players afraid that this offer will expire at the end of July, as it was first announced. Luckily this wasn’t the case and players can collect a bonus every day from Monday to Sunday.

Florijn Casino offers Summery treats this week

Florijn Casino has a plan for all its members who have plenty of time to spend indoors over the next couple of months. It knows all too well that players would rather go outside and spend some quality time among their friends and peers.

However, if the incentives are good enough to keep them inside, there is a good chance for casino fans to give into temptation. Promotions work like a charm and as long as the bonuses are generous and easy to redeem, players are likely to look elsewhere for entertainment.

Bonuses up for grabs at Karamba Casino

Karamba Casino continues a string of generous promotions that have so far kept its members excited. When you set the bar this high, it is difficult to keep it up and that’s why the online casino came under a lot of scrutiny.

June has been an amazing month but just when you thought that things couldn’t possibly get better than this, more bonuses were unveiled. To start your gambling experience, you will receive 20 free spins for simply signing up for real money account.

Florijn Casino offers special deposit bonus this month

Florijn Casino is coming back with a welcome bonus that should help undecided players make up their mind. They had a generous welcome package before, but they found it worthwhile to raise the antes and offer even more money up front.

In exchange of signing up for real money account that making a deposit, players will receive a bonus of up to €300. The first investment will be matched by 150%, which is a significant bump, compared to the bonus is offered so far.

The Summer Sports Battle continues at Florijn Casino

Florijn Casino is the place where competitive online gamblers get together to outshine your peers and beat house edge. With the random number generator being audited for fairness by independent companies, the only concern is to play the games right and have luck on your side.
If you don’t mind a little competition and feel comfortable playing against your peers, then you should join the Summer Sports Battle.

Sign up for the bonuses of Florijn Casino

Florijn Casino has always strived to make these promotions as straightforward as possible, to encourage more players to sign up. Once again, they meet customers half way, with a campaign that will appeal to both new and existing members.

This promotion has started on Tuesday, June 28 and will conclude one week from now, so time is quickly running out. Participating players will be eligible for free spins, which starts as 20 and go all the way up to 125 of them.

Free spins galore at Florijn Casino this week

Florijn Casino has set the bar very high and it is difficult even for them to keep up with the high expectations that players now have. You can play any of the games using virtual currency, but if you want to collect the bundle of free spins offered in the first half of June, you would have to make a deposit.

It makes perfect sense to take this leap of faith, because in exchange of your commitment you will be given the opportunity to spin the reels for free over and over again.

Fantastic month ahead at Florijn Casino

Florijn Casino encourages players not to wait and instead take the initiative by signing up for the latest promotion. It will run throughout June, but this doesn’t mean that you should wait until the very last week to join the party.

In fact, players are advised to do the exact opposite and open account right now or make a deposit if they are already members. The more you play, the more likely it is to win and there are promotions aimed at making every day of the week special.