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Staring into the eyes of Medusa meant certain that for the ones who attempt something like this, but the character is far less menacing when it comes to slot machines. Playing these game can be rewarding on many levels and the original title developed by NextGen Gaming was a massive hit across the network.

Bodog is one of the casinos that recently introduced a sequel and this installment builds on the popularity of the previous slot while adding new features. Medusa II didn’t surface here for the first time, but players from other online casinos got the chance to sink their teeth into this game before. Nevertheless, the release of such a new title that is widely regarded as a worthy successor of the original is guaranteed to trigger special promotions and additional bonuses.

There are 243 winning combinations, which once again is no surprise given the fact that this is the manner in which modern five reel games work. The winning character needs to appear on at least two active reels and trigger the winning combinations and free spins are also up for grabs. These have the particularity of allowing players to play a couple of rounds absolutely for free with no strings attached and they get to keep the profits.

There is even a very appealing mini game that will invite the player to take a mythical voyage back in the past and perform some of the quest of his ancient counterparts. Those who are familiar with the Greek legends will find many similarities and will surely appreciate the effort made by the developers to keep the bar high with the sequel. The more symbols appear lined up on the active pay line, the better the rewards, but even a couple of them will result in a nice paycheck.

Multipliers are also in store and when best trigger the special feature any profits will be increased several times up to a maximum of 10. Medusa II is just one of the many new slot machines that will be introduced at Bodog throughout July and the remaining months of summer. Not all of them will be accompanied by promotions, but those who do will present players with yet another incentive to stay active. The best is yet to come and active players should gear up for a truly hot summer in 2015.